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At DD, we’re all about the people. From our talent, teams, to partners: We believe the real magic lies in harnessing human potential. Winning, to us, means creating lasting relationships with our partners. We want to run marathons with you, not just the sprints.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the talent, cultivating a fertile ground where professional growth and innovation bloom. Our aim is to channel this reservoir of expertise into building success stories for clients.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where every company has access to a dream team to accelerate their success. We provide a pain free way to source global talent, setting the stage for a lifetime of innovation.

Our Core Values

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Frame 1261152973 (1)

Our Founding Members

We aspire to become the architects of digital empowerment. As an IT company, we aim to empower businesses through technical solutions, where our client's success stories become

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Ansar Abbas

Chief Executive Officer

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Daria Lucchesi

Chief Marketting Officer

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Todd Cutick

Chief Executive Officer

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Alina Ostrovskaya

Chief Executive Officer


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