UI/UX Design | Insurance Rater | PHP | Lifeguard API

Insura Insurance, a US based company specialized in insurance consulting,was looking for a software solution that can collect quote options data by different insurance companies (based on user data) and give a best numberfor easy and quick decision making. We took all the briefings from client andbuilt an intuitive software solution that fulfills the need of insurance consulting business. We used Life guard API to make sure that the datas ecurity of the insurance companies is not breached.


  • Web
  • Mobile


  • User Journey
  • UI/UX Design

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development


Technologies We Use For This Project

Vehicle Coverage Type

It starts with a home zip code to check the locality of the owner. After locality confirmation, user have to put Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and coverage amount (Options given in the drop down), to move to the next step. It has an option for discount which is based on usage and alarm type.

Driver’s Information

At this step, user has to put personal information of the expected drivers ofthe registered automobile. The personal information covers full name, birth date, marital status, license number and status and some other basic information which is used for future interactions.


At this stage, information related to physical address, email address and personal phone number is registered and verified. Verification at this step is important because company would not be connected with the client otherwise.

Auto Insurance Rate

After filling the required information in the first three steps, software evaluates quote payments from different insurance companies and shows minimum or average quote amount on the dashboard. It gives variant amount options based on full payment or monthly payments.

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