UI/UX Design | Accounting | PHP | Yoodly API

Account Simple, a UK based online accounting-services providing company, was looking for an accounting solution that implements a double-entry book-keeping system. We took all the briefings from client and built an intuitive accounting solution that fulfills the need of Enterprise Businesses, contractors, and freelancers covering all the accounts and tax return submissions features. It was a challenging project for our team because we need to make sure the security of the system is not breached. So we used a thrid party API(Yoodly) for bank transaction which is quite secure.


  • Web
  • Mobile


  • Mind Mapping
  • UI/UX Design

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development


Technologies We Use For This Project


It highlights elements of the income statement i.e., Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Sales, Expenses and Profit/loss. It also contains a dialogue box for notifications like news, warnings, or any kind of notice etc.


This tab gives three options to the user: Firstly, s/he can have a record of Money Transfer from one bank to another, secondly s/he can Enter data of money receipts, payments to suppliers or any other payments through a bank in the database, and finally s/he can generate and print a transaction Report.


Under Income tab, the user can go for three options: Firstly, s/he can Enter income data in the form of invoice or credit, secondly s/he can create and print a detailed invoice and credit note for the client, and finally s/he can generate and print a Sales Report.


Payroll tab offers easy record keeping options for employees’ salaries. The pay roll spreadsheet incorporates all kind of payments such that basic pay, holiday pay, maternity or sick payments etc. User can create and print a final Report as well.

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